The Sterlingham Co. Towel Warmer Guide

Unsure of your options when buying a towel warmer? We have compiled a comprehensive guide to The Sterlingham Co's range of Towel Warmers, providing details on the heating options, finishes and additional parts available to you when purchasing a towel warmer. If you have any questions, please call us on 01603 558271 or e-mail us at

Heating Options

Functionality Invisible electrical cable heats the entire towel rail, with no water component (a 'dry' system)
Control Dimmer switch
Installation Requirements Hidden supply cable fitted by an electrician
Maintenance No maintenance required
Mandatory Additional Components None
Optional Additional Components Dimmer Switch
Manufacturer's Guarantee 10 Years


Towel warmers which use water to heat the pipes (Dual Fuel and Central Heating options) require valves to attach them to your existing heating system. We offer two valve options, which will be supplied in a matching finish to the towel warmer selected.
Note: Towel warmers can be purchased without valves if you already have them, or are purchasing valves separately

Beaumont Valves

Provided as a pair in the finish selected

Collections: Classic, Flair, Contemporary

Dimensions: 64mm x 86mm x 116mm
(W x D x H)

Connection Height: 32mm

Contemporary Valves

Provided as a pair in the finish selected

Collections: Contemporary

Dimensions: 29mm x 64mm x 83mm
(W x D x H)

Connection Height: 33mm

Pipe Covers

When purchasing either a Central Heating or Dual Fuel towel warmer, covers in a matching finish and design can be purchased to hide the connections to the pipework.
Note: Covers do not have to be purchased with valves, and can be purchased separately with the towel warmer

Pipe Cover & Flange

Purchasable with Towel Warmers heated by:

  • Central Heating
  • Dual Fuel

Used to hide central heating pipework.

Provided in matching finish as towel warmer.

Cover Shroud

Purchasable with Towel Warmers heated by:

  • Dual Fuel

Used to hide and protect electrical dual fuel heating element.

Provided in matching joint style and finish as towel warmer.

Electric Dimmer Switch

Electric heating towel warmers are controlled using a dimmer switch, which can be placed outside of the bathroom.

The switch is available in two variants, in either Chrome or Polished Brass finishes.

Raised Profile Dimmer Switch

Low Profile Dimmer Switch


The following finishes are available on Sterlingham products - depending on availability, some finishes will be manufactured to order. If you wish to order any of the finishes not available online please call us on 01603 558271 or e-mail us at

For information on maintaining your product's finish, please click here to view our Care Guide.